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Jennifer Gordon

Our June trip is reserved for students who have signed up for and attended 4 or more trips throughout the year – it’s our Adventure Club Celebration!  And we celebrate in style at our local Skyzone!

We all met bright and early at Skyzone in Everett.  Mr. Best and Ms. Robbie helped register the students while Ms. Gordon waited outside for some latecomers.  Once everyone was accounted for, we put on our socks and got ready to listen to the rules!  Many of us have been to Skyzone before, so we got through that part quickly.  Then it was time to JUMP!

Arriving so early at Skyzone has one huge benefit for us : we usually have the place to ourselves!  We enjoyed playing basketball, jumping into the foam pits, playing full on Banneker dodge ball, and just jumping on the trampoline courts.

After our jumping time was over, we gathered in one of the party rooms and had some delicious pizza.  We talked about our favorite A.C. trips we’ve gone on (some favorites : Harbor Islands, indoor rock climbing, and camping/canoeing) and our favorite games we’ve played (camouflage, the stick game, and jays & juncos).  It was nice to hear what everyone thought about our year together.  Our pizza was finished and we had a little bit of time left, so we played some games : Rock-Paper-Scissors-Posse and Chi Master.  The winners each received a free pass for their next visit to Skyzone! 

We had a great year, Adventure Club!  Can’t wait for the next year!

-Ms. Gordon