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Jennifer Gordon

Very early on the morning of January 24th, chaperones and students met at the YESKids office to head out for a day of skiing and snowboarding!  We checked in with the staff at YESKids and got sorted into our groups according to experience and chosen activity.  We also met our instructors for the first time.  Then we loaded up the buses and headed off to Loon Mountain for the day!  Our trip up was full of fun and SNOW!  After a mostly snow-less winter, it was kind of shocking to see the white stuff coming down! 

Once we arrived at Loon Mountain, we separated out into our groups, got changed into our gear, and hit the slopes!  Our learning groups were situated on the side of the lodge.  We learned how to get in and out of our equipment and got a chance to practice some of the basics. 

After a quick lunch break, our groups headed back out to show off our newly learned skills.  We referred to lunch as a “magic lunch” : it was like all our students were super powered afterwards….energized and ready to hit the slopes!  

All too soon it was time to pack up and head back home.  We loaded gear onto the buses and drove back to a very snowy Boston.  Everyone helped unload the buses and said our goodbyes. 

-Ms. Gordon