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Jennifer Gordon

Saturday, February 7th brought the first of our 2 overnight winter trips : Cross-Country Skiing!  While Mr. Best and Ms. Gordon went to pick up our van, Ms. Robbie and Ms. Marino checked in our students and passed out any gear they needed to borrow (varying from fleece or waterproof layers to boots).  Once all chaperones and students were accounted for, we were on the road! 

Our first stop was the Mt. Washington Weather Discovery Center in North Conway, NH.  The group settled in for a “working lunch” – Will, our guide, delivered a great presentation about Mt. Washington’s weather.  After the presentation, we had a bit of time to work on a scavenger hunt while exploring the museum itself (there were prizes at stake!).  Before we left, we had a chance to video-conference with Caleb, a weather scientist who was actually at the top of Mt. Washington!  We wowed him with the information we had already learned with Will and he answered some of our questions about the Observatory.  It was a great visit. 

We piled back into the van and headed off to AMC’s Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch – our home for the evening.  Mr. Best checked us in while the rest of the group got a tour and gathered in our group room.  Prizes were handed out, as well as instructions for the next part of our trip : get dressed in your warm layers for our outdoor game centers!  Everyone dispersed to drop their gear off in their rooms and change for outdoor play.  We had some great centers planned : Camouflage (one of our favorites!), Jays and Juncos,  and snow soccer/catch.  It was AWESOME.  Our games ended as it started getting dark, so we headed inside for dinner. 

After a delicious dinner in the Joe Dodge Lodge dining hall, we cleaned up and met back downstairs in our group room for games, reading, and ghost stories.  Bedtime came entirely too soon.

Sunday morning brought a flurry of activity…and actual flurries!  Our groups packed up our rooms, dressed for the day, loaded up the cars, and settled in for breakfast in the dining hall (one of our favorite things about staying at AMC lodges : the food!!). Everyone finished up and we headed down the road to Great Glen Trails. 

The staff at Great Glen were amazing!  They got us fitted for boots, skis, and poles in no time and helped us with any questions we had.  The group bundled up and headed outside to the learning area.  Mr. Best gave us a rundown of the basics, we practiced getting in and out of our skis, and we were ready to head out!  The new falling snow made for slightly sticky skiing (for some of us, the slowing down was a good thing!) but we had a great day.  We had races, practiced going down hills and stopping, and learned how to get up after a fall.  Once our skills were pretty solid, we traveled down to our favorite place at Great Glen : the tubing hill!!  We spent a good hour or so there and by that time the snow was really coming down….and sticking all over us!  We were covered! 

Sadly, our trip was coming to an end.  We skied back to the lodge, returned our gear, changed into our traveling clothes, and ate lunch.  Then it was back in the cars and we headed south towards Boston.  Everyone returned borrowed gear, got checked off, and headed home.  It was another amazing Adventure Club trip!

-Ms. Gordon