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September 2014 Hiking Trip

Jared Perrine

This is Mr. P chiming in here about our latest hiking trip to Pack Monadnock State Park!

September 20 was the day that we chose to take our 29 students and 10 staff members up to New Hampshire. Five of these staff members had never been on an Adventure Club trip before!

We left, bright and early, from our beloved school and arrived around 9:00am at the park entrance. After breaking into groups and getting instruction, each group set out with at least two chaperones. 

We encountered chilly weather early on, but our kids were prepared (as we tend to have them over pack for these trips). When we got to the top of the mountain, we actually had a good number of kids (two groups worth) decide to attempt a hike back down the mountain. The rest of us used the auto road and hiked back to "base camp."

Ms. Gordon and Ms. Robbie had some games for us to play, including "Little Person in a Big World" and "The 'Stick' Game."