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Hiking (since 2008-2009)
Every year, we kick off our adventures with a local hike at Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire (some years at Pack Monadnock). It’s a great way to get both the staff members and students excited about the exciting activities for the rest of the year...

Skiing & Snowboarding (since 2007-2008)
We began the Adventure Club in 2007 as a skiing and snowboarding club and (since that time these activities have remained a Banneker staple. We take approximately 3 of these trips throughout the winter months. Kids get to visit local mountains like Pico, Butternut, Wachusetts, Killington, Loon, and Pat’s Peak.

Cross-country Skiing (since 2009-2010)
Weston Ski Track teaches our Adventure Club participants how to cross-country ski up and down through their great facility. And as you can see, sometimes spending time on the ground is as much fun as spending time on your feet.

Indoor Rock Climbing (since 2010-2011)
In 2010 we set out on a new adventure- Indoor Rock Climbing! We partnered with a rock climbing gym in Everett, called MetroRock. They were great to train and test our belayers, pick us up at the school, and give us the equipment we need to have a fun day of climbing and bouldering.

Advanced Backpacking (since 2012-2013)
In 2012-2013 school year, the students who showed the most dedication and enthusiasm earned themselves a 3 day hiking and camping excursion to Mount Cardigan and the High Cabin.

Horseback Riding (since 2014-2015)   One of our newest and most popular trips, in its first year. Everyone is looking forward to going back to Sweetmeadow Farm next year!

Horseback Riding (since 2014-2015)
One of our newest and most popular trips, in its first year. Everyone is looking forward to going back to Sweetmeadow Farm next year!

Mountain Biking & Geocaching (since 2009-2010)
Wompatuck State Park has served as a perfect site for our beginning AND expert cyclists alike. This has been historically one of our best attended events, as it caters to almost everyone’s skill level. Paved and unpaved trails give bikers many choices for their afternoon of riding. The 1st biking trip of the year is for the 5th and 6th graders. The 2nd biking trip gives the 4th graders just a taste of what they will experience in the 5th grade with the Adventure Club. In the fall of 2011, Banneker students will get to hunt out the local geocaches when they aren’t biking.

Snowshoeing (since 2008-2009)
Being that we only take one overnight snowshoeing trip up to the Highland Center each March, this has quickly become one of our most beloved trips. While we are there we get a nice maple syrup tour of the surrounding forest, a night of games and ghost stories in the Highland Center activity room, and a breathtaking view up snowcapped Mt. Willard (in snowshoes)!

Camping (since 2009-2010)
We have always wanted to have a culminating trip for our transitioning 5th graders. We had envisioned this overnight trip with only a thin piece of tent nylon between the students and the stars. The summer of 2010 marked the first of these annual trips. We kicked off this tradition with a trip to the Boston Harbor Islands- to Bumpkin Island for a few days of fun games, scavenger hunts, island history, a beautiful sunset behind nearby Boston, and a next-day trip to neighboring George’s Island.

Canoeing (since 2010-2011)
Also in 2010, we tapped into our local wilderness and canoed the placid waters of Ponkapoag Pond at the Blue Hills. YOP allowed us the facilities and the equipment to make this great day of “floating” and BBQing possible. We studied our strokes, the parts of the boat, and make sure we had the proper safety gear then we paddled this trip into the history books. We can’t wait for this trip again next year!

Reward Trip (since 2013-2014)
Regular Adventure Club participants will be rewarded with a trip to Skyzone! 


Swimming (2010-2013)
In 2010 we set out on a new adventure- Swimming! We partnered with the Cambridge Family YMCA in Cambridge to offer swimming lessons to our kids. Their instructors were great to work with our varied levels of swimmers. In the future, we hope to make this one day of lessons into a series of instruction

Sailing (2012)
In 2012 the Community Boating organization helped to reward our students who had taken swimming lessons during the year by providing a free introduction to sailing class down on the Esplanade.

Skating (2012-2013)
If there is any one request that we hear from our students, it is to be able to include family and other loved ones on these monthly trips that they have come to love. In 2012-2013 school year, we added a winter family skating trip on the Frog Pond, down at the Boston Common.